Broken Lung. Iron Heart.

by Out Of Character

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Recorded in early 2012 with Travis Kolbo at The Bananza in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Thanks to Sam for the guest vocals on "Decline".


released March 8, 2012

Engineering/Mastering - Travis Kolbo
Vocals - Cole Janzen
Guitar - Evan Kallas
Bass - Bradley Buchmeier
Drums - Jacob Watson
Guest vocals on "Decline" by Sam DeKemper.



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Out Of Character Cheyenne, Wyoming

Hardcore from Wyoming

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Track Name: End
Brightened silence surrounds again

As this midnight drive takes the same old turns

Passing landmarks in my head

Too many times I've found myself alone

Leaving behind all the time wanting to find a home

And in dark I stammer, stutter step

Trip over my words

Can't see eye to eye

Staring at the ground with my thoughts in the sky

I'll bear the blame, take the weight of your problems

I know I swear it's my fault this is written dow in code

But I want it cracked, blow the safe

Steal my intentionsI'm sorry, I swear I was listening

I just couldn't hear a word you said

Don't think I'll deliver a message

Don't try to find any substance

I am no advocate, can't speak for shit

Started screaming words, started losing it

I'll try to see things the way you paint them

I'll try to hear the way you sing

It's just these thoughts they come at any hour and time

And I try hard to make you think that they are mine

But no, I have not created

It's just repeating things I might have heard, or maybe dreams

I want so badly to see

I want so badly to sing

No love

No hope

Just death

Just cold

I swore I stood with stronger men

At least they'll remember me

They will remember me

Please God. Remember me.
Track Name: Wound
Have you ever witnessed a minute bleeding so quickly into days?

It's been so haunting, seeing a brother but not recognizing his face

So void, all consumed, where once a fire burned, mere ashes remain

With a fate so ever inviting, comfort calling to, your restless soul may lay

How fast this love transcends

Such a constant, turning cycle

How often we're at bitter ends

I'm so sick of running circles

Beliefless, barren, holding dust and ruin

Sleepless, staring, molding trust and new sin

Frigid hands

Fired eyes

A timid stand for a tired life

One step ahead is another pace alone

I've always kept my heart the furthest place from home

Living loveless, dying bloodless

We can't change this, I'll let the cold set in

Go numb and hope I never feel again.
Track Name: New Low
Claims of compassion

Act like you care

You still consume the innocent ensnared

Who gave you the right to kill and train?

Your hands cry out blood red, but show no shame

Full of excuses

Lacking heart

Not yours to use

Force fed from the start

You are not above anything

Live life without bringing another ending

Nothing more than a tradition outdated

Killing the earth, killing ourselves

No form of life deserves to be degraded

TIme to take this old book off the shelves

A call for hope, a call for life

Burn the rope, cut all the ties

Bring an end, tear it down

It's time to send the message now

Until all are free

None can rest

The truth is out

Nowhere to hide

This is murder

Track Name: Pessimist
Wake up, wake up, open your eyes

Another night, more dreams gone by

Begging to stay where I had control

There was no hurt, I felt no cold

The most bitter part of dreams is that they're all made to flee

Finally holding on to what I want most

True satisfaction remains a ghost

If I could see new life

If I could just hear brighter sounds

I swear I'd feel it then

Better things would surround

The most bitter part of life is that we're all made to die.
Track Name: Decline

I've fallen down so many times

I've given up on getting back up

Broken mirrors and black cats can't add up to my bad luck

Tripping over shifting soil

Over cliffs, I'm caught in a free fall

Stuck in this living Hell of strife and turmoil

Tying the noose

And kicking the chair

I'll watch myself hang in the air

I have never seen a darker place

I have never seen a blacker night

Everywhere I look, I see a stranger's face

Knocked down, blacked out

In this never ending fight